Legitimate Online Casinos That Accept Venmo 2024

Venmo GamblingVenmo is one of the leading USA-based online person-to-person (P2P) money transfer services, with over 40 million Americans using the platform to buy goods and services every day. But even though Venmo is US-only and can’t be used to make direct international transactions, there are still several legitimate online casinos that accept Venmo indirectly via the casino voucher, player transfer, and MatchPay methods.

This makes legal gambling deposits at the fastest-paying online casinos of 2024 extremely convenient, as Venmo is readily accessible with everyone having access to the free Venmo app. That said, there are a few extra steps involved when employing this service with legal online betting sites that use Venmo. Fortunately, the process is simple and straightforward, and you can use Venmo to fund your real-money online casino entertainment quickly and easily.

Best Online Casinos That Take Venmo Deposits

Currently, only a select number of the most trusted overseas casino sites makes allowances for Venmo online gambling banking, as these are the venues that use gambling vouchers and player transfers to let players buy and sell account balances among one another. You can also use Venmo with MatchPay deposits, though these are exclusive to Bovada Casino and available through no other operator at this time.

Luckily, these venues are also the top-rated online casinos in the industry, and each accepts US players at just 18 and up. Signing up is fast and free, and you can join as many of these operators as you wish so you can always find the best online casino games for your particular interests.

Casino/RatingBonusUSA FriendlyVisit/Review
1Bovada Casino

150% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review
2Slots.lv Casino

300% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review
3Cafe Casino

600% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review

Is Venmo Legal To Use For Online Gambling?

Yes! Venmo is legal to use for all US residents who are at least 18 years of age, which is the same minimum age requirement for joining the best online gambling sites.

There are no US gambling laws preventing access to these sites, and only the state of Washington bars players from participation (though such laws are historically not enforced). Still, it’s important that you abide by all local gaming laws and only join Venmo gambling sites in jurisdictions that allow the activity.

What Is Venmo And How Does It Work?

Venmo is a US-only PayPal-owned service that supports P2P transfers between private parties. The company was founded in 2009, and it’s one of the most widely used instant-pay platforms in America. Annually, Venmo users send and receive over $500 billion using the service, and most transactions are fee-free.

Venmo also supports a limited eWallet function, as you can sign up for a Venmo card that’s tied to the Venmo app and can be used like standard Visa and Mastercard options with retail and online merchants.

It’s easy to understand how Venmo works, too, since its P2P transfers are essentially the digital equivalents of real-world cash transactions. That is, you simply use your Venmo account to send funds to any other Venmo user by entering their recipient address in the appropriate field and submitting the ticket.

If you’ve ever used PayPal, Cash App, or Zelle transfers – or if you’ve used the P2P function in e-Wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay – you’ll know exactly what to expect.

How To Use Venmo For Legitimate Online Casino Banking

Before you can use Venmo, you’ll need to go to Venmo.com – or download the Venmo app – and go through the Venmo sign-up process. We won’t explain how to set up a Venmo account or how to add money to Venmo here, as you’ll get step-by-step instructions from the company’s site or app itself.

Once you’re all registered with the service and understand how to transfer money to Venmo and how to send money on Venmo, you’ll be able to fund your online betting account in just a few steps. The main thing to remember here is that you can’t use Venmo payments for offshore bet funding directly.

Instead, you must use Venmo to buy betting vouchers or casino player transfers from fellow US-based players at your site(s) of choice. You can also use Venmo via the MatchPay banking option, which is available exclusively at Bovada. All the sites listed here support one or more of these options, and we expect other major operators to follow suit in due time.

You can also sell vouchers and player transfers the same way, and MatchPay can be used for withdrawals, too. This makes Venmo a viable option for claiming fee-free same-day payouts. The processes for making deposits and withdrawals at legitimate online gambling sites that accept Venmo are listed below.

To take advantage of Venmo casino deposits, you’ll have to buy a casino voucher or player transfer from another member at your online betting site of choice (or use MatchPay via Bovada). You can find voucher codes and transfer codes for sale on your casino’s community forum pages, which is the recommended avenue.

External forums may also host vouchers and transfers for sale, though it’s much safer and easier to buy these from ads listed directly at your betting site. With that in mind, these are the steps required to enjoy Venmo gambling online ASAP:

  1. Follow any link here to one or more betting sites that accept Venmo, and click or tap the “Sign-Up” or “Join” button.
  2. Enter your real personal information. You must be sure to use verifiable info, as all the top Venmo casino sites use industry best practices for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance. Please do not use a VPN when accessing or gambling with any legitimate online casino. These sites use SSL and TLS encryption and will never sell or share your personal or financial data.
  3. Skip the deposit option for now and complete your account registration.
  4. Visit your site’s community pages and find a member ad for a casino voucher or player transfer code. Contact the seller to ensure that they accept Venmo payments.
  5. Once you find a voucher/transfer seller and agree to their terms, open Venmo on your computer or mobile device and send the necessary funds to your seller. The seller will then release the voucher/transfer code to you.
  6. Navigate to your online casino site’s Cashier page, select the voucher or player transfer deposit option, and enter your code in the field provided. Your account will be credit in full instantly, and there are no fees attached.

When you wish to withdraw some or all of your eligible account balance from betting sites that accept Venmo, you will have to post a casino voucher or player transfer ad on your site’s community message board (or use the MatchPay service if you're a member at Bovada LV). 

You may also post voucher/transfer ads on external forums, though it’s best for both buyers and sellers to stick to official site channels. To claim Venmo gambling payouts, follow these simple steps:

  • Visit your site’s Cashier page and request to be paid out using a betting voucher or player transfer. You will have your voucher/transfer code sent to your email address on file.
  • With your code in hand, place an ad through your site’s community page or a third-party site. Remember to indicate that you accept Venmo in your ad.
  • A buyer will contact you, and the terms of the sale will be finalized.
  • Once you receive payment for your voucher/transfer code, release the code to the buyer immediately. All the best casino sites accepting Venmo vouchers and player transfers have mechanisms in place for buyers to report sellers that don’t comply with the terms of their deals. Non-compliant sellers risk account suspension and balance confiscation. All reputable online casinos take Venmo scams very seriously.
  • Now that you’ve been paid, you can leave your funds in your Venmo account balance, move them to a linked Venmo debit card, or withdraw your money at any nearby Venmo ATM.

What Is The Online Casino Venmo Transfer Limit?

The best online casinos that support Venmo deposits and withdrawals have limits on how much you can put in and pull out using the voucher or player transfer method.

Since the sites that support Venmo voucher/transfers are all listed above, we’re using Bovada Vouchers and Bovada Player Transfer limits as our reference points. However, these are the same across all Bovada sister sites.

  • Venmo Voucher Deposit Limits - $10 min, $3000 max
  • Venmo Voucher Withdrawal Limits - $10 min, $3000 max
  • Venmo Player Transfer Deposit Limits - $10 min, $15,000 max
  • Venmo Player Transfer Withdrawal Limits - $10 min, $15,000 max
  • Venmo MatchPay Deposit Limits - $20 min, $1000 max
  • Venmo MatchPay Withdrawal Limits - $20 min, $1000 max

The other aspect to consider are Venmo transfer limits set by Venmo itself. While there is no Venmo daily limit, the service adheres to a weekly limit model.

The Venmo weekly limit for P2P transfers is $299.99 for non-verified accounts, while the weekly Venmo max transfer limit for verified users is $4999.99.

Please keep in mind that these limits combine both sending and receiving totals, so high rollers or players with bigger account balances should take this into consideration.

Do Venmo Casino Deposits Come With Online Gambling Bonuses?

Yes! All legal online casino deposits are eligible for valuable bonuses, though these are going to be different at each site. In general, however, they all offer the same kinds of online betting promos, and most online casino promos also include daily bonuses or game-based bonuses in addition to the welcome bonuses and account reload bonuses on tap.

That said, when you use Venmo to buy vouchers or player transfers with which to deposit, you will only be able to claim your site’s standard bonus options, which typically include the following:

  • Online Casino Sign-Up Bonus For New Members
  • Online Casino Reload Bonus For Returning Members
  • Online Casino Refer-A-Friend Bonus
  • Online Casino No-Deposit Bonus*

*Online betting no-deposit bonuses are not usually offered, except to new members before major online slots tournaments, online blackjack tournaments, and similar seasonal events. While all gambling bonuses come with rollover requirements (aka playthrough), these are always much higher for no-deposit free spin bonuses and free chip bonuses.

Note: If you wish to get the biggest, best online betting bonuses, you must fund your account using Bitcoin or another supported cryptocurrency instead of Venmo. The sites listed here all accept Bitcoin as well as Bitcoin Cash casino deposits and Litecoin casino deposits.  

Are There Any Venmo Fees?

For the purposes of P2P transfers to buy or sell online gambling vouchers or player transfers, there are no Venmo fees to worry about. Additionally, your online casino operator does not charge any fees for using betting vouchers or player transfers to deposit and withdraw, and Bovada does not charge fees for MatchPay transactions. This makes Venmo one of the most valuable ways to fund your Internet gambling experience.

That said, if you use a linked Venmo credit card to make offshore gambling deposits, you will incur standard Venmo credit card fees of between 3% and 7%.

However, such transfers are unlikely to go through due to the UIGEA federal banking regulation, and we advise against using Venmo credit cards for this reason. (Venmo debit cards will not work for international purchases.)

Venmo Online Casino FAQs

Disclaimer: Venmo is unaffiliated with this site or any online casino venue. All information presented here is informational only. Please gamble online using Venmo at your sole discretion.