Legitimate Casinos Accepting QB Direct 2024

qb orange circle logo***2024 Update: QB Direct is no longer supported at any of the most legitimate and reputable online casinos. That said, you can easily buy the Litecoin cryptocurrency without using the QB Direct platform, which you can then instantly deposit into your online casino of choice. Most Litecoin exchanges have a 5-10 wait for new crypto users, so please take this into consideration.

Trusted online casinos accepting QB Direct have brought about a unique collaboration between cryptocurrency and mainstream money transfer services to dramatically simplify how we access crypto for casino gambling.

Of course, not everyone has crypto or even understands how to acquire the stuff, and that can be a lengthy, intimidating process for first-timers. But it doesn’t have to be!

At a number of reputable online casinos, you can use QuickBit's brand-new QB Direct platform to instantly purchase cryptocurrency and deposit it into your online casino of choice. There is no waiting, and transfers are totally legitimate and reliable, every time. While QB Direct is not a partner of any online gambling site and does not endorse gambling in any way, many of the best online casinos use the third-party service to allow new crypto users an effective, immediate way to move money into their accounts.

If you don’t want to deal with confusing cryptocurrency research, lengthy buy-ins, and complex account management protocols, QB Direct is designed to let gamblers hit the virtual felts quickly, easily, and safely. Legit Zelle casinos essentially offer the same option but use a different money transfer service and all of the secure online casinos we recommend support one or more cryptocurrency deposit options.

2024 Most Trusted Online Casinos That Accept QB Direct

UPDATE: At this time - none of our trusted online casinos support QBDirect deposits or withdrawals.

All of the sites featured here are legitimate USA friendly casinos that welcome American and International players and accept cryptocurrency deposits, and they each use QB Direct to help their customers make these deposits immediately. The following destinations are the best QB Direct-friendly casinos on the market, and they represent the fastest way to make first-time crypto deposits.

Each of these operators is safe, legitimate, and secure, and they’ve been leaders in the online gambling industry for years. We trust them with our money and our business, and we’re confident that you can, too!

What is QB Direct?

QB Direct is actually two distinct products, depending on the market you’re in. For US players at legitimate overseas casinos – which is our main focus – QB Direct offers a way to quickly purchase cryptocurrency and have it credited to your gambling account immediately (though the service is not gambling-specific and can be used by any company to help facilitate fast crypto purchases).

The US-facing online betting sites that support QB Direct use this to allow players to make crypto deposits without going through commercial exchanges that mandate several-day waiting periods before you can actually access your Bitcoin or altcoins. In other words, QB Direct allows first-time crypto users to make instant deposits at offshore gambling sites.

For international players at casinos that do not accept USA customers, QB Direct is mostly used as a credit transfer verification service that adds an extra layer of security to non-crypto deposits (i.e. Visa and Mastercard deposits). These differences are explained in more detail below.

Using QB Direct Deposit To Rapidly Fund Your Online Crypto Casino Account

All the best online gambling sites are effectively Bitcoin or crypto casinos. That is, they allow and support Bitcoin casino gambling and other cryptocurrency gambling.

For US players, cryptocurrency betting is preferable to every other mode of casino deposit, as it allows for immediate deposits, comes with the biggest limits and bonuses, and grants same-day withdrawals to those living in the States. (International players typically have more same-day withdrawal options due to the lack of laws like the UIGEA, making BTC etc. less necessary.)

However, making a crypto deposit often involves lengthy waits, as exchanges like Coinbase can take up to 10 days to process any crypto purchases before you can actually use them.

To combat that, QB Direct lets you use your credit or debit card to buy crypto from your gambling site directly, which is then immediately credited to your account. It is similar to Zelle in this regard, but it’s even faster.

To use QB Direct to fund your online gambling, these are the steps required:

  1. Select your online casino from the table above.
  2. Sign up, using your real credentials (including your name, address, phone number, etc.).
  3. On the Deposit page, select QB Direct.
  4. Enter the dollar amount you wish to deposit.
  5. Enter your credit card information, using your Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card to purchase the amount of crypto you’ve selected.
  6. Submit your payment.

After this, your crypto funds are immediately credited to your account in the currency you’ve chosen (USD, CAD, etc.), and you can gamble right away with no waiting.

Just remember that when you use QB Direct to buy crypto at any gambling site, you cannot pull out that crypto without playing – it is used exclusively at your chosen operator, and all deposits come with a 1X rollover. You can withdraw your winnings in crypto, of course.

QB Direct For US Players

As stated above, QB Direct for US gamblers is a markedly different product than it is for international players. If you live in America, you can make a QB Direct payment to your legit casino of choice, funding your account with cryptocurrency instantly and securely.

Right now, QB Direct is available exclusively for Litecoin purchases at participating operators. While they also accept Bitcoin (which you can acquire rapidly via the Zelle-to-Bitcoin process), these are effectively Litecoin gambling sites when QB Direct is involved, since that’s the only supported crypto for this method of deposit.

However, when you gamble with Litecoin using QB Direct, you’ll get all the same perks that you would with Bitcoin betting. These include:

  • Instant deposits
  • Low minimum deposits
  • High maximum deposits
  • Enhanced online casino bonuses
  • No added fees
  • 100% reliability
  • State-of-the-art data security
  • Same-day withdrawals

In short, for USA players, QB Direct support offers the absolute fastest way to fund your secure online casino experience with cryptocurrency if you don’t already have Bitcoin, altcoins, or a crypto wallet of your own.

Note: To receive crypto payouts via LTC after depositing with QB Direct, you will need to set up a crypto wallet. There are many great, free Bitcoin wallets out there that will handle Litecoin and other altcoins, like Coinbase, Electrum, Atomic, and more.

QB Direct For International Players

Legal online casinos for international players also take Bitcoin and other cryptos, and many of these operators are starting to employ QB Direct for rapid cryptocurrency deposits.

However, at some of these sites, QB Direct is used differently. This implementation adds a layer of security to Visa and Mastercard casino deposits. Instead of just entering your name, card number, and CVV code, you will also have to enter a one-time password (OTP).

This password is delivered to you by your issuing bank using the QB Direct framework, and its purpose is to add a layer of risk prevention and fraud protection to your online gambling payments.

QB Direct Pros And Cons

As with all Internet casino deposit and banking options, there are pros and cons to using QB Direct. Fortunately, the pros far outweigh the cons, and after Bitcoin deposits, QB Direct is one of our most preferred funding methods. To find out if QB Direct is right for you, please consider the following benefits and detriments.

QB Direct Benefits

  • Fastest way for first-time users to fund their gambling accounts with cryptocurrency
  • Supported by several of the most trusted online casinos in the industry
  • Enhanced transaction security and encryption compared to standard payment options
  • Instant deposits so you can gamble in seconds
  • Full cryptocurrency benefits including enhanced bonuses, no transfer fees, high limits
  • Free same-day payouts

QB Direct Drawbacks

  • Only Litecoin (LTC) currently supported
  • Can only use purchased crypto at your gambling site
  • Crypto wallet required to collect payouts

In the future, we expect to see QB Direct support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, and other popular cryptocurrencies. For now, you are limited to LTC due to its slightly faster processing speed than other options, but as the service rolls out and catches on, other coins will surely be in play.

QB Direct Casino FAQs

Disclaimer: QB Direct/Quickbit is unaffiliated with this site or any online casino venue. All information presented here is informational only. Please gamble online using QB Direct/Quickbit at your sole discretion.