Potential NJ Casino Strike Could Push More Gamblers Online

atlantic city nj casino strike

Among the bigger avenues of competition for legitimate online casinos operating outside United States borders are legitimate online casinos operating inside United States borders. Of course, while offshore betting sites are available to just about everyone in America (and usually at just 18 and up), in-state online casinos are few and far between. Only a … Read more

An Illegitimate Argument Against Legitimate Online Gambling

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As the gambling industry continues to grow apace in America – there are more state-based brick-and-mortar casinos, legit online casinos, and legal online sportsbooks than ever before – it’s inevitable that a few pro-gambling outfits would move forward with some pretty disingenuous ideas. But it’s also inevitable that just as many anti-gambling outfits are doing … Read more

AR Becomes 21st State With Online Sports Betting – Is Online iGaming Next?

arkansas online sports betting

While our focus at Legitimate Casinos is – naturally – on legitimate casinos, the sports gambling industry crossover is growing more and more prevalent in the industry. This is especially true in the brick-and-mortar casino market. Before 2018, of course, it was the furthest thing from true, as no domestic casino operator or racino venue … Read more

Australian Casino Gambles Away Their Reputation

Crown Casino

Australia has had a scandal-ridden news week, as their biggest gaming and entertainment organization returned to headlines with allegations that would resemble a mob movie. Crown Resorts Limited, owners of both Crown Melbourne and Crown Perth, have spent the past year under investigation for malpractices related to tax evasion, money laundering, and ties to organized … Read more

Casinos and Closures: Is It Worth Going Back?

Casino Gambling

Amid the drastic changes we have all experienced in the past year, we are beginning to inch closer and closer to a post-covid society. Businesses are opening again, and people are finally starting to feel safe enough to frequently said businesses. However, the future of the retail gambling industry still sits in the air as … Read more

Are Domestic Online Casinos Too Legit To Quit Offshore?

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In the United States, most of the movement on expanded online gambling focuses on the sports betting market. Ever since PASPA was overturned in 2018, upwards of 25 states have already passed legislation to regulate in-state domestic sportsbook offerings. The majority of these states have made it available online, as well, accessible on computers and … Read more

Be Careful Who You Trust About Online Casino Bonuses

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Some people can’t seem to ever tell the truth. There’s just no getting away from it, and the very best liars (or rather, the very worst ones) really come out of the woodwork any time people are interested in some new industry or service. Unfortunately, with the advent of domestic online gambling in the United … Read more