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Where Trust And Reputation MatterLegitimate Casinos is not set up to be another in a long line of gambling websites. Rather, we have dedicated our brand to becoming an authority on gambling resource information.

Our name brand says it all: Legitimate. We strive to deliver to you, the gambler, current, detailed, honest information pertaining to the best online casinos and casino games operating today. We also take strides toward unraveling the mystery of gambling's legality in nations like the USA.

With their many federal regulations, and yet contradictory state laws in some arenas, to call gambling legislation confusing is an understatement. We pride ourselves on our ability to decipher correctly the technical jargon and to deliver to you a truthful, thorough layman's take that will help you make the most informed gambling decision possible.

Our staff is made up of lifelong gamblers who know and understand the ins and outs of every popular casino game, poker, sports betting, and even lines on niches like tennis and golf. Together, we use our combined knowledge to inform you thoroughly of all the goings-on in the world of legal gambling, and we examine sites individually in search of safe spaces where you can place your bets.

Our Process of Determining Legal Gambling Sites is Thorough

Anyone capable of using a search engine can type "legal gambling" into their browser and bring back results. But the quality of these results is hit or miss, more often trending toward miss. We go well beyond that scope in our research of legal sites. We seek out a list of strict criteria, which includes:

  • The licensing of a site
  • The security of a site
  • The reputation of a site
  • The quality and performance of a site
  • The service offered to customers

Licensing: Just because a website is licensed in Caracas does not mean it's a website with which you want to wager. Being legal is only the very first criterion for which we check. What if the government is in turmoil? What if there are rumored gambling restrictions coming down the pike?

We take all of this information into consideration when viewing the license of a casino. The license not only has to be valid per their nation and legal per yours; it also has to be a "safe bet," in that the rug won't be pulled out from under you unawares.

Security: A site can be legal for you to bet with, but that doesn't mean it's safe. We view the security of a site before we render a verdict. We make sure that the algorithm(s) used provides fair play. We ensure that the site cannot be hacked. We make sure that, when you place money into your account, it will be there until you change the number. Security is something to be taken very seriously.

Reputation: No one offers an honest review of a website like a gambler who uses that website. Sure, you can find plenty of reviews on sites via the web, but most of these are paid advertisements masked as reviews. We get to the nitty gritty and see what the real users of the site are saying. We look for a solid reputation in payouts, fairness, good graphics, game choice, deposit/withdrawal methods, and much more.

Quality and Performance: Few sites use in-house software. Most use the platforms of big-name developers like Microgaming and Playtech, RTG and Rival. To this end, we are searching hard for well-performing casinos that offer a high-quality HD experience, a smooth play-through on all platforms (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet), and a consistent uptime with no crashes or "down for maintenance" 404 error pages. We seek out only the best in quality and performance to stamp with our seal of approval.

Customer Service: Most gamblers may have a burning question, and some will encounter issues. All will most likely need customer support in some capacity during their time playing with the casino. This is why we seek out casinos that have great customer service options and records.

We're looking for live-time chat, low wait times, and a thorough and friendly support staff that actually cares about customer issues.Rogue Status: We've even gone as far as to start covering the rogue online casinos that have been blacklisted by us and other industry watchdog sites. At the end of the day, we just want people to play at reputable online casinos that can be trusted. While avoiding the lowlife trash that is out to rob you blind.

Delivering This Information To You

After we collect from these websites the various information to see whether or not they meet our strict criteria, we then deliver to you this information in a user-friendly fashion via our website. We very much take a no-frills approach to information delivery.

We don't package things in pop-ups or make you sign up for something to receive something. We don't make you download anything. We simply deliver the information. We deliver the information per the categorization of pertinent aspects, such as:

  • By country
  • By game
  • By software platform
  • By genre

The end result is that you have easy-to-find information that's categorized correctly per the use you have for it.

Our Privacy Policy

When you deal with Legitimate Casinos, you can rest assured that your privacy is fully protected. We're not sending out tracking cookies to your browser. We are not storing in any sort of system your private information. We do not share with anyone your information, such as email and IP addresses. We take privacy very seriously, and we refuse to betray our readers by handing over their personal data. It's a matter of principle – we're gamblers, just like you!

Disclaimer - Terms Of Use

Legitimate Casinos is only in the business of providing accurate information to gamblers in search of legitimate, legal betting sites with which to place wagers. To that end, we provide information on the legality of betting in general, and sites specifically, and offer a series of different gambling tips and "how-to" literature based on understanding better the world of gambling lines and betting odds.

We are in no way responsible for content on other sites, or how other sites choose to use your information. In some cases, to cover our base expenses, we work on a commission system, whereby we earn when a new customer clicks-through our site to find a gambling home.

But that is as far as our affiliation goes. And that is to say, there is no affiliation. We are independent. We represent ourselves, not outside sites, and we strive only to give you useful, detailed information pertaining to legal, safe gambling.

At the end of the day, what we're promoting at Legitimate Casinos is responsible gambling. We not only want you to gamble legally, but also safely. Betting responsibly is important. No one wants to see people go bankrupt, families go into debt, and good people suffer from gambling issues.

We encourage everyone to bet responsibly. Always be the tortoise. Never be the hare. The safer you are while gambling, the more fun you will have with the experience. And if you're able to use some the information we provide, you just might earn a few bucks along the way. Just gamble responsibly!

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