Legitimate Zelle Casinos

Zelle casinosIf you’ve got a US bank account, you’ve probably heard of Zelle. Zelle is an instant payment product available to almost everyone, and you likely already have access to it in your online or mobile banking app. While you can use Zelle for almost anything, it’s quickly becoming a popular way to fund legitimate offshore casino accounts.

However, it’s important to note that legit Zelle casinos can’t actually support the service directly. That’s because Zelle transactions are US-only. Since the best, trusted online casinos are all located overseas, you’ll need to use Zelle to purchase Bitcoin (BTC), which can then be quickly and securely sent to any of the legitimate Bitcoin casino sites that accept Zelle.

How Zelle Works To Securely Fund Your Online Gambling Account

Zelle works to securely fund your casino account because it’s the fastest, easiest way to buy Bitcoin. Bitcoin, in turn, is the safest way to load up your betting bankroll at any offshore site. Essentially, Zelle is a quick, convenient way to buy BTC without the industry-standard 10-day wait that most fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchanges require. Some of the fastest paying online casinos will use Zelle because buyers don't have to wait to purchase Bitcoin.

Here’s the problem Zelle solves: If you buy BTC at a site like Coinbase, you won’t be able to bet until more than a week later! By using Zelle to purchase BTC via LocalBitcoins.com, however, you can bypass that wait entirely and be safely gambling online in minutes instead of days. For legit BTC casinos and Bitcoin adoption in general, Zelle is a gamechanger.

Trusted Casino Sites That Accept Zelle Deposits

There are several trusted Internet casinos that advertise Zelle support right on their deposit pages, giving members all the instructions needed to go through the Zelle-to-Bitcoin process. However, even at sites that don’t explicitly tout Zelle, you can still use the platform to acquire BTC with which to wager. Every reputable casino accepts Bitcoin, which means Zelle or another similar service like QB Direct can help you fund your account at each one.

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Zelle-To-Bitcoin Instructions

Zelle Cell PhoneUsing Zelle to purchase Bitcoin is simple enough. Basically, if your trusted casino site gives you a specific Zelle deposit option, just follow their directions. For sites that don’t specify exactly how to deposit with Zelle, we’ve assembled a handy reference guide:

  1. Sign up at a reputable online casino site.
  2. Confirm that your bank features Zelle support.
  3. Create a free account at LocalBitcoins.com.
  4. Use Zelle (via app or website) to purchase BTC from a LocalBitcoins seller.
  5. Once you receive your BTC in your LocalBitcoins wallet, transfer it to your online casino account via the site’s deposit menu.
  6. Wait a few minutes for your Bitcoin deposit to be credited, and then start gambling!

Zelle Pros And Cons

There are several pros and cons when it comes to securely funding your online gambling account with Zelle. Though Zelle is a great option for many legitimate mobile casinos, it’s not perfect for every user. Hopefully, our breakdown of Zelle benefits and detriments will help you decide whether or not to use the service.

Zelle Pros

  • Easy Access: Since your US-based bank likely already offers Zelle support, you can use it freely without jumping through any extra hoops.
  • Zelle-To-BTC is F-A-S-T: You don’t have to wait for days for your Bitcoin purchase to go through when using Zelle in conjunction with LocalBitcoins.com. Instead, you can get your BTC in just a few minutes.
  • No Added Fees: Most banks will not charge any added fees when you use Zelle, meaning that your transfers are free so you can maximize your gambling bankroll.
  • Top Security: Zelle transfers are initiated behind the same state-of-the-art firewalls used by your bank and other major players in the financial industry.
  • No judgment: Banks that offer Zelle support do not curate or censor what you’re allowed to spend your money on with the service.

Zelle Cons

  • Requires LocalBitcoins Account: To use Zelle to fund any legit offshore casino account, you have to set up a LocalBitcoins.com account first. Though free and secure, not everyone wants to deal with another Internet account these days.
  • No Money-Back Guarantee: Banks do not guarantee or refund your Zelle transactions. Like cash, when you transfer money using Zelle, you must trust the seller to honor their end of the deal.
  • No Chargebacks Or Payouts: Because Zelle is US-only, offshore casinos cannot pay you out using the platform. However, you will still get same-day BTC withdrawals, because Zelle deposits are actually Bitcoin deposits.

Legitimate Zelle Casinos FAQs

Is Zelle safe to use to fund my legit casino account?

Yes, Zelle is safe to use for all your online casino needs. Remember, Zelle is used to purchase Bitcoin via LocalBitcoins.com, and that BTC can then be used to fund USA casinos. There is no safer way to deposit into an offshore casino than with Bitcoin, and Zelle expedites that process.

Is it legal to use Zelle to buy Bitcoin?

Yes, it is currently legal in all 50 states to purchase Bitcoin, and you can do so quickly and easily with Zelle. While that could change in the future, it is unlikely, and banks are not currently taking an antagonistic view of BTC or cryptocurrency in general.

How do I know that Zelle is secure?

Zelle is as secure as your online bank account, which means that it’s just about as secure as it gets. Banks tend to use cutting-edge security measures, and Zelle takes advantage of all of these. In fact, the only thing more secure than Zelle is the Bitcoin you buy with it!

Why doesn’t my bank offer Zelle purchase protection?

Major banks like Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, and Capital One developed and own Zelle, but they specifically do not guarantee Zelle purchases. In fact, they have “disavowed” all Zelle transactions per their terms of service.

Please note: This doesn’t mean you aren’t protected from account fraud. Nobody can access your bank account and use Zelle to steal your funds – you’re insured and protected against that. But if you initiate a legitimate Zelle transfer, your bank takes a hands-off approach from that point on. This means Zelle is like cash, giving you more freedom to pay whomever and purchase whatever you want!

Is LocalBitcoins.com a legitimate business?

Absolutely. LocalBitcoins is a trusted peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange that is well-regarded in the crypto and infosec communities. Founded in Finland in 2012, the site currently has users in more than 240 countries worldwide.

How do I know I won’t get ripped off by a private LocalBitcoins seller?

LocalBitcoins is able to prevent this by putting all BTC sales in an escrow account. When a private seller on LocalBitcoins agrees to sell you a given amount of Bitcoin, they deposit that amount into a holding account managed by the site. Once your payment clears, the BTC are released to you. Even if the seller attempts to reverse the transaction or abscond with your funds, LocalBitcoins will honor the sale as originally agreed to.

Why can’t I send money to my legitimate casino directly with Zelle?

Remember, Zelle is a US-based system that is only designed to work for US customers with compatible bank account credentials. Because all the best legit casinos are located offshore and in foreign countries, they cannot actually use Zelle directly. This is the same reason you cannot receive your payouts via Zelle.

Can I buy other cryptocurrencies with Zelle?

You can buy anything with Zelle, as long as you can find a seller (or “Zeller,” if you will). As a result, it is possible to buy other cryptocurrencies using the platform. However, LocalBitcoins only deals in BTC. If you wish to purchase Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, or other altcoins supported by legit offshore casinos, you will have to find alternate vendors for these.

Can I get any special bonuses for using Zelle for online gambling?

At most sites, using Zelle means you’re actually using Bitcoin, so you can get your casino’s BTC bonuses through this deposit method. That said, some sites have special Zelle deposit options with their own plug-ins, and these currently only allow the standard deposit bonuses to be used with Zelle. If you want enhanced Bitcoin bonuses at these sites, we recommend foregoing their curated Zelle process in favor of the Zelle-to-BTC process outlined above.