Legitimate Bitcoin Cash Casinos 2024

Bitcoin Cash logoBitcoin Cash was created in 2017 to be an alternate cryptocurrency, commonly known as an altcoin, to the original Bitcoin. 

Bitcoin Cash was brought to reality by a group of Bitcoin activists looking to escape rising fees and wanting to increase the number of transactions the Bitcoin ledger could process. On August 1st, 2017, a fork in the Bitcoin ledger took effect and Bitcoin Cash was born. In 2018 Bitcoin Cash split into two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV). Today Bitcoin Cash is often used to buy or trade merchandise and services online or with other crypto-entrepreneurs. 

For the purpose of this page, we are going to discuss Bitcoin Cash and how it makes online casino gambling services convenient for its users. We will also offer our suggestions to the best Bitcoin Cash gambling sites for 2024 and explain why cryptocurrencies are changing the way money moves online. 

Most Reputable Online Bitcoin Cash Casino

Bovada has been a leader in the online casino world since it was launched in 2011. They were one of the first online casinos to accept Bitcoin Cash and currently have a cryptocurrency welcome bonus for Bitcoin Cash users. 

New accounts can take advantage of the Bitcoin Casino Welcome Bonus and receive an additional 150% bonus on your first three deposits with a maximum bonus of $1500 USD per deposit. 

Bovada players are pleased to know that in addition to online casino games they can bet on sports, play online poker, play live dealer casino table games, or bet on horse racing with a single player account.

Most Trusted Bitcoin Cash Casinos For 2024

The following reputable and trusted online casinos accept Bitcoin Cash deposits and operate offshore to assure their legal status in the United States. With the help of security measures such as SSL encryption, other data encryption methods, firewalls, and more you can rest assured that your stored personal information is as safe as your online bank statement. 

Casino/RatingBonusUSA FriendlyVisit/Review
1Bovada Casino

150% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review
2Slots.lv Casino

300% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review
3Cafe Casino

600% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review
4SlotsRoom Casino

200% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review
5Super Slots Casino

250% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review
6Slots Paradise Casino

250% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review
7Vegas Aces brand logo
250% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review

What Is Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash (stock symbol BCH) is a digital currency and public ledger just like its big brother Bitcoin. It is often used to pay for goods and services online. Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized digital currency or central banking systems. This is achieved through a distributed public ledger that serves as a public record of transactions. 

Is Bitcoin Cash Gambling Legal?

Yes, Bitcoin Cash gambling is legal barring state laws. In the United States, there is only one states that specifically outlaws online gambling: Washington. Federal US gambling laws do not address online gambling or the use of decentralized digital currency.

How Can I Buy Bitcoin Cash?

Bitcoin Cash can be purchased online through legitimate coin exchanges or mined with ASIC machines. Purchasing Bitcoin cash is quick and easy, but you will need a digital wallet to store your Bitcoin Cash. Digital wallets are also free and can hold multiple cryptocurrencies. Some of the most popular USD-to-BCH exchanges are Coinbase, Kraken, and Bittrex. 

Buying Bitcoin Cash With PayPal

As of late 2020, you can now – finally! – buy Bitcoin Cash with PayPal. If you use the PayPal app for regular online purchasing, it's now easier than ever to buy BCH and other popular cryptocurrencies.

While it remains unclear exactly when PayPal will allow users to send their BCH to legit online gambling sites directly (external BCH transfers are restricted at launch), this may be possible in the near future.

But even if you can't, once PayPal allows crypto trades outside of their platform, it will be a piece of cake to buy BCH with PayPal and then transfer that Bitcoin Cash to an online exchange like those mentioned above, or into a BCH wallet from which you can send the cryptocurrency to your online casino of choice.

Where Can I Get A Bitcoin Cash Wallet?

Bitcoin Cash Wallets can be downloaded for free here. You will see that there are four different types of eWallets that can be downloaded; Mobile Wallet, Desktop Wallet, Hardware Wallet, and Paper Wallets. 

Mobile and Desktop wallets are the most practical and can be accessed from multiple devices with the use of a password. Hardware wallets are usually in USB form and paper wallets are also available. 

Benefits Of Using Bitcoin Cash To Gamble Online

Bitcoin Cash has multiple uses but for online casino gambling purposes, the following list best describes practical reasons to use the alternative currency. 

  1. Bitcoin Cash is a popular option with the quickest paying online casinos. When using the digital currency online users are pleased with the turnaround times. Bitcoin Cash process in a matter of minutes compared to Bitcoin’s 20 mins - 24 hours processing time.  
  2. Bitcoin Cash users also like the fact that when using crypto they provide and store less sensitive personal information. Bitcoin Cash uses a wallet address with 24-36 unique characters to identify the digital wallet. 
  3. Another good reason to use Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies to gamble online is the no associated fees with deposit or withdrawal methods on the reputable sites listed above. 
  4. International gamblers use digital coin exchanges as a currency conversion method to play online sites that accept Bitcoin Cash. In the states, we don’t have to worry about currency conversion but international players often find conventional conversion methods charge fees for their service. 

What Games Are Offered At Bitcoin Cash Casinos?

Bitcoin Cash casinos are just regular online casinos that accept Bitcoin Cash as a form of payment. The online casinos that accept Bitcoin Cash offer popular casino games such as:

Does The Value Of Bitcoin Cash Change?

Yes. Bitcoin Cash prices are based on its current market value. The BCH market value is constantly fluctuating and can go up or down depending on many factors. Online casino gamblers will be glad to know that once you deposit Bitcoin Cash into your account, the market value is set based on when you deposited the funds. Please always check out the most current 2024 Bitcoin Cash price before moving BCH into or out of your online Bitcoin Cash gambling site.

Can I Play Casino Tournaments With Bitcoin Cash Deposits?

Yes. Once you deposit your Bitcoin Cash into your online casino account you will be able to take advantage of all the features the site has to offer. The funds in your bankroll will be represented in USD. You can enter weekly tournaments, game-specific events, or bet on sports, live dealer games, or take a chance at the online poker table.

What Is The Catch With Online Casino Bonuses?

There is no catch but there are rollover requirements when accepting a casino bonus. It is important to read all the terms and conditions before accepting a bonus offer. A general rule is the bigger the bonus the bigger the amount you must spend to fulfill the rollover requirement. Your chosen site will always advertise the latest 2024 Bitcoin Cash casino bonuses.

What Other Cryptocurrencies Can I Use To Gamble Online?

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are the most popular and the most accepted. Other popular cryptocurrencies that you might see accepted on our recommended sites include: