Roulette Odds – Trusted Online Casinos Offering The Best Roulette Odds

There are three ways to instantly improve your roulette odds, and two of them you can employ before you ever place a bet. Internet casinos are in the business of offering generous welcome bonus deposit matches, so grab the biggest one you can whenever possible. Obviously, first make sure you are playing at a legitimate website which is licensed to offer online casino gaming options to residents of your city or country. There are a few legally licensed Internet casinos which have developed an excellent reputation for delivering handsome welcome bonuses and other player rewards, which use industry-leading gaming software to deliver a reliable and enjoyable experience to US and international gamers. If you are unsure how to detect which web casinos have legitimate licensing, we have listed several here on our site. So once you know you are playing at a legitimate online roulette casino, grab the biggest bonus possible, as this immediately improves your bankroll and your online roulette odds.

Additionally, your winning odds for roulette, both online and off, go up substantially when you locate a European table. This name has been given to brick-and-mortar and virtual roulette wheels which provide only a single zero. American tables have both a single zero, as well as a double zero space. What does this inclusion of just one more outcome have on your roulette odds? If you were to place 100 bets at $1 apiece on both European and American tables, on average the American version would immediately take $2.96 more of your money than the European variant. The house edge for an American roulette table is roughly 5.26% when considering every best possible. That vig drops to just 2.70% on the friendlier European roulette table.

So far we have grabbed the biggest welcome bonus possible, as well as boosted our odds by selecting a virtual European roulette table version. And we have not even placed a bet yet. Those are two smart moves that immediately improve our online roulette odds, and technically, the third way we can consistently return a larger expectation of winning at roulette is to stick to the "outside bets". On the typical roulette table layout, both online and off, the "inside bets" are those which include the numbers one through 36, the zero space, and the double zero space if it is present. Any other bet is considered an outside bet. These would include betting on a red or black, odd or even, and a low or high outcome (1-18 or 19-36). Also considered an outside bet is when you place a wager on the "dozens", or the three bets which allow you to choose a dozen numbers (1-12, 13-24 and 25-36). Here is an image of what a typical roulette table layout looks like.

The reasoning here is technically simple. Generally speaking, and you may want to check the pay table at individual Internet casinos to ensure you are getting the best possible payout, the odds against you hitting a bet on a single number are 37 to 1 on a European table. But the payout is just 35 to 1. This means there is a built-in expectation that you will lose over time, which is the house edge. However, you can pull that house advantage down to almost even money, giving you one of the best bets that any Internet casino game offers. By simply placing a bet on red or black, even or odd, high or low, you enjoy a smaller house edge than when you bet on a single number. Finally, another way to drastically improve your online roulette odds may not be one you have thought of before.

Many casino gamers consider roulette odds a by product of the actual game itself, concerning only the odds and the pay table offered by any virtual casino. While this is true, you can also prop up your winning online roulette odds by never playing when you have had too much alcohol to drink, when you are emotionally impaired, or when you are very tired. There is a reason why Las Vegas gives away alcohol to the visitors of its casinos. Alcohol impairs judgment, and that is just what Sin City is looking for from its customer base. When you improve your roulette odds as much as possible, even though it is harder to do so in roulette than in games like blackjack or Texas Hold 'Em where you have a much bigger say-so in the outcome of the game, you give yourself the best possibility of winning, and isn't that what you should be looking for?