Legitimate MatchPay Casinos

MatchPay logoUpdate (Nov. 2020): Bovada has removed the MatchPay banking option from its deposit and withdrawal menus. To make fast, easy deposits with same-day payout benefits, you are encouraged to use Bovada Vouchers, Bitcoin, or another supported cryptocurrency. As a reminder, you can use the Zelle to Bitcoin option to quickly buy BTC and bypass the typical multiday exchange wait times.

MatchPay has just burst onto the legitimate online casino scene as the first way for US players and many international players to make their gambling deposits using popular person-to-person (P2P) transfers using PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle Pay.

While we expect a slew of legitimate MatchPay casinos to pop up in the near-term future, the platform is currently being used exclusively by Bovada, the most trusted online casino for US gamblers. However, it’s only a matter of time before other sites such as Ignition Casino, Café Casino, and Slots LV accept the service, and other brands are sure to follow suit in the near future.

To learn more about how to use MatchPay to fund your Bovada account and other legit casino accounts (when accepted), our brief guide explains the service and shows you all of your new online casino banking options.

What Is MatchPay?

MatchPay is a person-to-person financial transfer service (or peer-to-peer payment platform) that allows account holders with online merchants to sell their balances to other account holders with the same merchants using a variety of instant-pay services like PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle.

At overseas gambling sites that legally accept US players, these operators use MatchPay to secure their standing as the fastest-paying online casinos for both deposits and withdrawals.

Instead of having to go through lengthy buy-in processes to buy Bitcoin and altcoins with which to deposit – and instead of using credit and debit cards that can be declined or delayed due to the American UIGEA banking law and similar international laws – users can now solicit fellow gamblers willing to sell all or part of their account balances.

Then, by simply using the MatchPay service to initiate a transfer, players can have those funds released directly into their online casino accounts. Rather than waiting days or weeks on your casino deposit to clear, MatchPay lets you pull the digital slots and hit the digital felts in just a few minutes!

Best Online Casino For MatchPay Deposits

Bovada – The First Legitimate MatchPay Casino

With Bovada MatchPay, the best just got better. Now, in addition to making Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash deposits, you can actually use PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle Pay to buy another Bovada member’s account balance (or portion thereof) to fund your own Bovada casino account.

This is a true gamechanger, as you can now use these popular person-to-person services that Bovada cannot accept directly to make fast deposits so you can gamble immediately at America’s favorite online casino.

Bovada operates legally in Panama City, Panama, a well-known online gaming jurisdiction. As legitimate online casinos go, Bovada is second to none, and the company has never missed a single payout for its millions of US customers. When you use MatchPay at Bovada, you can fund your account with services you already use – no fuss, no muss. If you’ve been waiting for PayPal gambling, Venmo gambling, and the like, the time is now!


  • Legitimate casino operating in a respected gaming jurisdiction
  • Top quality, most trusted online gambling brand
  • Bovada MatchPay lets you finally deposit with PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle
  • Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum accepted
  • Best bonus rollovers in the industry
  • 250+ casino games including live dealer play
  • Full sportsbook, poker room, racebook
  • Open to US players 18 and up


  • USA only – No other countries accepted
  • Restricted States: DE, MD, NJ, NV, NY
  • No enhanced casino bonus for MatchPay deposits
Bovada Casino

USA Accepted

Bonus: Up To $3000 Casino Welcome Bonus For MatchPay Deposits

Most Trusted Online Casinos That Accept MatchPay

Currently, there are no other casinos except Bovada that accept the brand-new MatchPay service, but that’s to be expected. Bovada is always the first out of the gate with new banking technology to help new and existing members make the best, fastest deposits.

However, we expect that most other legitimate online casinos will adopt MatchPay in the near future, as it is the only offshore gambling banking option that allows users to fund their accounts with PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App. Further, MatchPay offers a Zelle deposit option that is faster and easier than the current Zelle-to-Bitcoin deposit method employed by many of the top operators (which we also recommend).

 Casino/RatingBonusUSA FriendlyVisit/Review
1Bovada Casino

100% up to
USA AcceptedVisit Site Read Review

How MatchPay Works For Funding Your Legitimate Online Casino Account

MatchPay Traders can accept several P2P payment systems that legitimate online casino operating overseas cannot directly accept through their websites, which means that buyers now have the following expansive options to fund their casino betting accounts:

  • PayPal online casino deposits
  • Venmo online casino deposits
  • Cash App online casino deposits
  • Zelle online casino deposits

This is a true watershed moment, akin to when the first legit gambling sites started to accept Bitcoin casino deposits many years ago, giving US and international customers a way to discreetly and safely fund their accounts. With MatchPay, the same can now be achieved with the most popular person-to-person platforms in the US and abroad.


The MatchPay Deposit Process

When you want to deposit using MatchPay, you must first become a member at Bovada (or another site that supports the system, once launched).

To do so, simply visit any link from this page to Bovada and sign up through their simple membership portal using your real information (this must be verifiable for safe, secure payouts).

During the sign-up process, when you’re given the option to deposit funds, select MatchPay from the menu. Alternatively, if you’re already a member, you can visit the Cashier page of your casino site and choose MatchPay from there. After that, here’s how the safe, secure deposit method works:

  1. You will be redirected to MatchPay’s safe online portal, where you will need to make a MatchPay account.
  2. Enter your name, telephone number, email address, and desired username and password.
  3. Verify your phone number and email per the MatchPay instructions provided.
  4. Once verified, enter the amount of money you wish to deposit using MatchPay.
  5. MatchPay will then automatically find a fellow member of your casino site who wishes to sell some of their account balance. You will communicate with the seller and choose PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, or Zelle to pay them for their balance.
  6. Once the transaction is completed, their balance will be added to your online gambling bankroll, and you’re ready to play!

MatchPay For US Players

MatchPay is more useful for US players than international players, and the first site to employ the service – Bovada Casino – is a USA-only legitimate gambling operator. This is no coincidence, as many online casinos for international players already accept some of the payment platforms MatchPay provides.

But now, USA players making MatchPay casino deposits can enjoy many of those same benefits, and this should have the added effect of allowing many more potential members to join the party.

MatchPay For International Players

For international players, MatchPay works identically as it does for US players, and it will be most useful at the many safe online casinos that do not currently accept PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App directly.

Note: International casino gamblers using legitimate offshore betting sites cannot use Zelle even with MatchPay, as Zelle Pay is a USA-only service where both the sender and recipient must have US bank accounts to complete any transactions.

MatchPay Pros And Cons

MatchPay is obviously an important and highly anticipated new development for the most legitimate online casino sites. That said, while the benefits far outweigh the detriments for the service, there are some points against it for certain players.

The pros and cons of MatchPay money transfers are listed below, as they pertain to online gambling at trusted casino sites like Bovada and others.

MatchPay Benefits

  • Allows users to make quick, two-step casino deposits using the most popular payment apps in the world
  • Supports PayPal betting deposits
  • Supports Venmo betting deposits
  • Supports Cash App betting deposits
  • Supports Zelle betting deposits (USA only)
  • Full mobile casino support for iPhone gambling and Android gambling
  • Free to use – No added casino banking fees
  • Free membership to become a MatchPay Trader
  • Allows sellers to get same-day payouts in many cases
  • Supported by Bovada – Most legitimate online casino

MatchPay Drawbacks

  • Must go through a third-party service (MatchPay)
  • Does not come with enhanced Bitcoin bonuses or crypto bonuses
  • Same-day payouts not guaranteed if MatchPay does not choose your seller account for the trade

MatchPay Casino FAQs

Is MatchPay legit to use for online gambling?

Yes. MatchPay is a legitimate company that specializes in peer-to-peer credit trading. The platform is secure, and the company – while still somewhat new – is trusted by thousands of vendors worldwide.

If you want to buy or sell merchant account balances from other members of various online stores and services, MatchPay gives you the freedom and flexibility to do exactly that.

For legal online casinos, MatchPay is one of the fastest, best ways to quickly and conveniently make deposits and withdrawals.

Is MatchPay safe to use at online casinos?

Yes! MatchPay requires each member – or MatchPay Trader – to be verified via telephone and email, and the service has a system in place to ensure that you only trade with reputable members. The system is safe and legal to use for all US and international customers. 

Is MatchPay guaranteed?

Yes. If there is any dispute with a MatchPay transaction, the company’s customer support staff is available 24/7, and all issues will be resolved within 24-48 hours.

Further, online gambling sites that use MatchPay also rate their MatchPay trading members, who would be in violation of the site’s terms of service if they do not complete their end of transactions in good faith.

Thus, you are protected by both MatchPay and your gambling site of choice.

Can I get same-day casino payouts with MatchPay?

Yes. With MatchPay, online casino payouts can be claimed the same day, regardless of the manner in which you deposited. However, in order to receive same-day payouts via MatchPay, you must be automatically selected to fill an order request from a fellow gambler at your site. This may not always happen.

For guaranteed same-day payouts every time, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum should be used.

Can I get any special MatchPay casino bonuses?

No. When depositing with MatchPay at Bovada or any other site that supports the platform, you will only be eligible for the standard online casino bonuses offered by your operator.

If you want enhanced gambling bonuses, you must use a cryptocurrency supported by your legitimate online casino of choice.