Rogue Online Casinos – Avoid These Blacklisted Sites At All Cost

Rogue Blacklisted CasinosThere are a lot of reasons why we might feel a particular online casino is rogue. The main reason usually boils down to slow pays or not paying players at all. Although once in a while there are other situations that might cause our website to classify a casino as rogue or proceed with caution.

Our plan for this section of the site is to list the casinos we feel are 100% rogue in our industry. These casinos should be avoided at all cost as you will likely get burned in the end and lose all your money. For casinos that have just a few minor problems (and many do), we will list warnings on the actual reviews of the casino and explain our reasoning behind why players should proceed with caution.

For the most part, nearly all of the sites we recommend to our visitors are legitimate and reputable online casinos. While we would love to cover every site out there and offer our input, it's just not feasible. So instead we choose to have a focus on reputable casinos that have been around for the longest, and have proven themselves to be trustworthy.

List Of Rogue Online Casinos - this is a new bitcoin online casino that has arleady proven itself to be unethical and rouge in the short time they've been online. - this is a site I tested out after reading claims that they flip a switch when a player raises the bet.  I don't mind losing a little bit of money to test out claims of rigged games.  I feel it's my duty as an industry watch dog website to test and review various online casinos, even those that are considered rogue so I can ascertain for myself whether or not a casino can be trusted. Learn what I found out here.

Blacklisted Casinos Using RTG (Real Time Gaming) Software

The following 2 RTG casino groups, Revenue Jet and Affactive are now rogued on our website. We've had them listed as proceed with caution anyways do to them having ridiculous cashout rules, or stiffing players all together. However they are completely out of business now, and the owner of both companies (Gery Shalon) have been arrested on multiple counts of fraud. Full story is further down this page.

Revenue Jet Brands Blacklisted

Grand Parker
Classy Coin
Loco Panda

Affactive Brands Blacklisted

Slots Jungle
Casino Titan
Jackpot Grand
Golden Cherry
Slots Of Fortune
Grand Macau

List Of Questionable Casinos

The following casinos used to be recommended by our website. But their parent company is going through some issues right now and we think they may have been sold to another rogue outfit. So we have no choice but to move the ratings down to "Not Recommended" and encourage players to proceed with caution until we have more information.

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