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Use Caution is known for practicing unethical behavior as well as running rigged software.  If you play here, they will cheat you out of your money.  Be warned!


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  • Established: 2013
  • Not Licensed
  • Inhouse - Rigged
  • USA Friendly: Yes
  • Mobile Friendly: Yes
  • Bonus: Nothing

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I’ve read numerous complaints about players getting cheated at, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about myself.  After all, we wouldn’t be a very good industry watchdog if we didn’t put up our own hard earned money to see exactly what kind of experience we have.

After testing the site out and playing several sessions, I can only conclude that software is 100% rigged.  There are numerous forum threads by many different players claiming that the site plays differently when you bet bigger amounts compared to smaller denominations. This isn't unheard of since they are not licensed and regulated by anyone and have built their software in-house. So it wouldn't be surprising to learn that they can flip a switch and change the odds on the fly whenever they wanted.

Is Legitimate?

Use Caution

Bitcoin Video Casino Is 100% Rigged And Should Be Avoided By Players - They Cannot Be Trusted For Fair Play - They Are Crooks!

So I decided to test their site out since we are a website that focuses on the legitimacy of online casinos. And amazingly enough - I started out at the micro stakes and just like the other players have stated, I was on fire betting the lower limits hitting something on nearly every hand. Yet when I raised the bet, there were these weird hesitations in the software like someone was on the other end changing the odds or something. And just as many other players have complained about, I never hit anything more than 8x my bet.

I do find it quite strange how different the site played when betting higher limits compared to the lower limits where I was hitting literally every hand. It was actually quite blatant if I'm being totally honest. I was hitting a ton of full houses, straights, flushes and even quads at the micro stakes. Yet when I raised the bet I hit absolutely nothing. Literally every single hand was like 8, 2, J, 3, K. 90% of the my hands at the higher limits were duds. And keep in mind I was on fire just minutes before. If I had to guess, I received maybe a 20% payout odds on my play at the higher limits and 300% payout odds at the lower limits. So it was classic bait and switch gimmick imho.

Here Are Some Of The Key Reasons We Feel BVC Casino Is A Rogue Scam Casino Site:

  • Tons Of Player Complaints About So Called Provably Fair Odds
  • Unethical Tactics To Lure Players In
  • Blatant Lying About Instant Deposits And Payouts
  • No Governing Authority - They Are Not Licensed And Have No One To Answer To

Is Bitcoin Video Casino Safe?

We certainly don't think so.  There have been numerous player complaints about their balances going missing right in the middle of a session.  There are also a lot of players that claim their accounts were hacked and their balances gone.

Unethical Tactics By - Blatant Lying Should Be A Clear Warning To Players

BVC does a lot of things that should make savvy players question the legitimacy of this casino.  To start out with, they market instant deposits and payouts.  Neither is true.  Sometimes you can play on your deposit without waiting for confirmations, but the vast majority of the time you have to wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain. As you can see by the screenshot below, they clearly tell you all deposits are instant and don’t require confirmations.

Screenshots Illustrating Their Blatant Lies About Deposits

In addition they also market instant payouts to players.  This is anything but true.  Once in a blue moon you get your payout instantly, but again the majority of the time you need to wait hours or even days to get paid.

This speaks volumes to us and should make any player question the ethics of this casino.  Any casino that tells players one thing, yet does another is very questionable in our book. And it clearly speaks to how they do things there.

The screenshots below illustrate just how unethical BVC casino really is. Unlike reputable bitcoin casinos, this site blatantly lies to players in hopes to lure them in, then they steal their money with rigged software.

My Experience With Their Video Poker Game

I was able to win nonstop at their lowest limits.  And when I raised the bet, I got my ass kicked.  It was like night and day and left no doubt in my mind that they were cheating me.

Hesitations In The Game-Play Very Questionable

Another thing I found really odd was how smooth the play was at micro-stakes compared to when I raised the bet.  My play was smooth as glass at the lower limits, and when I raised the bet my play all the sudden got very choppy.  There were these 5 second hesitations in between hands as well.  For example I would get dealt 3 cards to a royal flush, and after I hit draw - there would be like a 5 second hesitation before (draw) cards were dealt.  Like the software was somehow thinking about the hand or doing something to ensure I didn't get lucky for a huge win.  It was all very strange to say the least.

Database Error Right After I Raised My Bet

Another thing I found very strange was the fact that the software froze up right after I raised the bet. It never happened once at the micro stakes, but when I raised the bet it happened twice right after I raised the stakes. My feeling is this is programmed into the software and does something along the lines of automatically moving me to the version of the software that cheats. In other words after I refresh the page, I’m playing on a version of the software where it’s much harder to win. Like I said, this happened the next hand after I raised the bet both times. That’s not just happenstance, that’s some lowlife blatantly cheating me on the other end of the sever. They only have a handful of players, even during their peak hours. So they probably sweat big action hard and get alerted when a big player is on there betting high limits.

My Experience With BVC's Blackjack Game

I essentially experienced the same thing with this game as I did with video poker.  I won 9 out of 10 hands betting low, and I lost 17 out of 20 blackjack hands when I raised the bet.  Again it's completely blatant.  If you are unfortunate enough to be one of the suckers that gets cheated by, you will experience the same thing if you bet higher limits,.  There's no doubt about that in my mind.

My Experience With Other Games At

I didn't stay around long enough to find out.  Again, the difference in my play at high stakes was just so blatant, that there was no need to continue to test out their website.  It was very clear to me that this site cheats players when they raise the bet. They are rogue!

Their Provably Fair Odds Claim Is A Farce

The site claims to have provably fair odds. I promise you that is a farce. Their provably fair confirmation consists of a verify button that will give you a green checkmark if the hand if valid. But there's nothing provably fair about that. That's essentially them telling you just trust us, we are providing you with fair odds, here's a little green checkmark to prove it.

BVC is definitely a rogue site that has a ton of complaints about players getting cheated. Again, I strongly recommend you don't fall victim to their cheating website. If you are in the United States, you should check out our list of verified legitimate casinos for USA players. These are the only sites I would personally recommend.

We also have a page where we recommend the most trusted Bitcoin casinos.  So if you are intent on using crypto currencies you should definitely check out that section.

Only play with these crooks if you don’t value your money. They are straight up crooks and players should be warned when scumbags like this operate and claim to be an honest casino

My Conclusion - Bitcoin Video Casino Is Definitely A Rigged Scam Site That Blatantly Cheats

I feel like Bitcoin Video Casino reflects the worst that the industry has to offer. Not only are they clearly unethical with their bait and switch tactics to lure players in, but I am 100% convinced their software is absolutely rigged to cheat big players. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I’ve ever been so cheated in my life. It was just so obvious that the site was playing completely different at higher stakes compared to the lower stakes. Such a blatant difference only happens with someone flipping a switch and programming the software to go into pure theft mode. I know when I'm getting cheated. I've been gambling online for 20 years and I was definitely getting cheated at this site. I literally had no more than a 20% return/odds when betting the higher stakes

I would strongly recommend all players avoid, especially if you are a big player. My feeling is they definitely have a kill switch to put the software in absolute theft mode and steal from players. Like I mentioned before, I think they create an illusion that you can win at the micro stakes and offer very good payouts. And when they see a big player betting high limits, they flip the switch. A site can make out really well running that gig, and there's no doubt in my mind they are doing exactly that.

Adjectives To Describe

Blatant Liars

Other scam sites operated by the same owner.

These are the other casinos they operate. They all use the same software and platform, so we can only conclude they are all rigged. Proceed with extreme caution! - scam site - scam site scam site scam site scam site

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  1. OMG, I can’t believe this review. This is exactly what happened to me too. They let me win big moneys with tiny bet amounts, but when I raise these bets they stole it all. This site is majorly corrupt.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. I’m a big player myself, and I got my ass handed to me when I raised the bet. It wasn’t long before they stole it all. At first I thought it was just really really bad luck, but after reading this review I am convinced they cheated me. Is there anything I can do to report them?

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