Domestic Vs. Offshore: Which Legit Online Casino Experience Is Best?

One of the things we talk a lot about around here is that – for many bettors – offshore gambling sites offer more overall value than domestic options.

Obviously, this is unambiguously and uncontroversially true for those living in states that haven’t yet legalized real-money online casino games, as iGaming is thus available exclusively via international vendors.

However, this is also true for those living in states where iGaming has actually been authorized by law and rolled out commercially.

The reasons why offshore online casinos are better than domestic online casinos – in an apples-to-apples comparison (or Apples-to-Androids comparison if you’re into mobile online casinos) – are predicated on a few main things.

Play More Online Casino Games

First and foremost, offshore venues give their players many more online slots, blackjack games, roulette games, video poker games, etc. to choose from.

Whereas a domestic online casino might only have 50-100 different RNG electronic casino games in its gambling menu, a legit offshore casino site will generally have 250-300 different titles on tap.

This increased variety is especially useful for casual gamblers.

Serious players won’t benefit quite as much, as they’ve already narrowed down their favorites to a dozen or so go-to games. But if you’re new to the scene, a larger pool of options will help you narrow down your favorites.

Get Bigger Online Casino Bonuses

The next way in which legit online casinos operating offshore have an edge over domestic options is that overseas venues tend to have much bigger standard bonuses.

While a local online casino might give you a bonus that competes “on paper,” these usually come with playthrough requirements that are insultingly unrealistic.

As such, these are mere gimmicks solely meant to get you through the front door.

When a casino matches your deposit by 200% so that your $1000 transfer shows as $3000 on the balance sheet, that looks good.

It looks a lot less good when you find out you have 14 days to meet a 50X rollover or you lose your bonus.

We’re the most active online gamblers we know, but there’s no way we’d be able to come close to meeting those terms. Frankly, we don’t know too many people who’d be able to turn a $150,000 handle in two weeks.

Most reputable international betting sites have much friendlier wagering requirements on their casino bonuses.

With lower rollovers in the 20X-30X range and no time limits to meet your playthrough requirements, you can play at your pace while taking full advantage of your free plays.

To be sure, a few sites do attach time limits to some of their casino bonuses, but these are always quite a lot longer than 14 days (usually 3-6 months). In other words, offshore betting bonuses can realistically be considered “free money” while domestic betting bonuses realistically can’t.

Plus, with offshore gambling venues, you can get even bigger bonuses if you deposit using cryptocurrency.

Which, incidentally, is the third big reason these international sites tend to offer greater value than their US-based online counterparts.

Bet With Cryptocurrency

Every site featured among our legit online casino reviews support Bitcoin gambling deposits as well as a host of other crypto betting deposits (i.e. Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Solana, Binance Coin, Tether, etc.).

Not only can you get boosted promotions for online crypto casino deposits, you’ll also get the added benefit of being able to make those online crypto casino deposits in the first place.

To date, just one US state – Wyoming – legally allows Bitcoin/crypto to be used for domestic gambling purposes. Of course, no Wyoming casinos accept crypto just yet, but at least they technically can.

In most states, cryptocurrency isn’t actually included in the list of approved bet funding options.

Crypto is advantageous as a gambling currency for several reasons, all of which are compelling:

  • Quantum-hacking-resistant. Crypto uses blockchain technology, which offers the most secure financial data protection currently known.
  • Guaranteed deposits. Crypto deposits cannot be interrupted or intercepted by the UIGEA law or any other bad actors.
  • Bigger bonuses. You can get bonuses worth 2X-3X more free plays when depositing with Bitcoin or other support crypto coins.
  • Same-day payouts. You can get your winnings in as little as 2-3 hours instead of 3-10 days for all other payout methods.
  • No added fees. Crypto fees are limited to their native blockchain fees, and no other fees are levied by your legit online casino operator.

So, that’s the long and the short of it.

Offshore online casinos are preferable to domestic online casinos in ways that are measurably beneficial to your bottom line.

And if you already gamble offshore, the takeaway here is that the reason offshore sites are so much better is that crypto gambling sites are so much better.

TL;DR: If you don’t have an offshore gambling account, check out our reviews and set one up. If you’re already a member at one of these sites but haven’t hopped aboard the Bitcoin bandwagon yet, read all about the different crypto funding options available and take the plunge.