US Gambling Sites Stuck In The Past As Legit Online Casinos Embrace Bitcoin

If you live in the United States, you have more options than ever for gambling online at legitimate casinos.

Currently, six US states have legalized the practice, and four of those states actually offer live iGaming options as of October 2020.

Of course, despite the industry expecting more mainstream legalization of online casinos, it will be several years before most US states offer local domestic options for their residents.

That’s reason number one to play all your favorite real-money casino games with an overseas operator, as US gambling law does not penalize individuals for patronizing such services.

As long as these sites are legally licensed in their own home countries, you are free to play all you want – and win all you can! – with such operators.

But there’s another very good reason to do your gaming with reputable international online casinos: Bitcoin (BTC).

No US-based casino currently accepts Bitcoin deposits or any other kinds of cryptocurrency deposits, which have long been staples at their overseas counterparts.

Bitcoin – and other cryptos like Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Stellar, and more – all give you far more bang for your buck than you’ll ever get at local land-based venues playing with cash or plastic.

The reasons for this are many.

Firstly, when you engage in Bitcoin gambling online, you’ll get access to massively enhanced bonuses. These can add many times your deposit amount to your bankroll, which is a boost you can’t get at legal domestic gambling sites.

Secondly, Bitcoin is itself an excellent investment, so when you gamble with Bitcoin (or milliBitcoin, aka mBTC), you can actually enjoy significant appreciation on your winnings. The US dollar only goes down in value. Bitcoin fluctuates wildly, but its long-term trend is unmistakably ever upward.

Thirdly, Bitcoin is mutually beneficial for both players and gambling sites.

For operators, BTC allows them to rapidly process payments without having to worry about blocked transactions or other red tape that credit and debit deposits can bring to the table. Gambling’s all about staying in the black, after all.

Naturally, this is an equal boon for players, because no gambler, poker player, or sports bettor wants to be stuck waiting on a transaction to clear before they can place their bets or enter a big-money tournament.

On top of that, Bitcoin also grants its users same-day payouts from offshore casinos, which is not available via any other online gambling banking option.

As you can see, there’s no real reason to play with a provider that doesn’t accept Bitcoin. There’s even less of a reason to actually fund your betting account using anything else.

All the most legitimate online casinos know this, and that’s why each of the top operators – without exception – accepts Bitcoin. In fact, if you ever come across an offshore casino that doesn’t take Bitcoin, that’s a major red flag in 2020.

While domestic casino sites may eventually embrace BTC and other cryptocurrencies, it will likely be a very long time before that’s the norm.

And Bovada Casino – America’s favorite online gambling site – isn’t waiting.

As the first major operator to accept and promote Bitcoin as the future of online bet funding, Bovada has long been pushing the secure cryptocurrency as the top banking method available. And they’re right to do so.

But now, the site’s really doubled down on its Bitcoin support.

With the launch of its Premium Bitcoin-Exclusive Membership (which has also been mirrored by Bovada sister site Café Casino), there’s even more reason to hop aboard the crypto bandwagon and join the best Internet betting outlet in America.

In addition to the enhanced new-member deposit bonuses Bovada already offers when you make your first deposits using BTC, this new membership tier offers weekly reload bonuses worth up to $500, 25 free spins in the casino for each weekly deposit, and 15,000 extra Bovada Rewards points every time you top off your account using BTC.

We expect Bovada’s Premium Bitcoin-Exclusive Membership to eventually roll out at the brand’s other sister sites (i.e. Ignition Casino and Slots LV), but we also think that many top operators in the business will offer similar plans going forward.

The future of money is cryptocurrency, and the future of online betting is gambling with it.

Meanwhile, US-based betting sites are clearly stuck in the past.