Rivers Casino Cheating Ring Leads To Four Arrests In Pittsburg

A fourth arrest was made in what is now known as the “Rivers Casino cheating ring.” In all, two casino employees and two players were arrested for the scheme involving the roulette wheel. According to reports, roulette dealer Robin Schnipp and her supervisor, Anthony Laush, helped at least two players cheat on multiple occasions.

After an investigation conducted by the Rivers Casino security team, it was discovered that Schnipp would roll the ball on the roulette wheel in the same direction it was spinning. Not only is spinning the ball in the same direction as the wheel against the policy, but it also causes an error. Once the error was detected, the dealer would get her supervisor to sign off on the win.

It is estimated that Schipp and Laush approved more than $10k in fraudulent winnings. The scheme was only discovered after an anonymous letter was sent to the casino. It was later discovered that Laush had loaded fraudulent comps onto one of the players’ accounts involved in the scheme.

While all legitimate casinos have advanced security protocols, people will always be looking to cheat the system. However, with online casinos, cheating is less likely since there is no human element in the casino in most cases.

Are Live Dealer Games Available Online?

Live Dealer CasinoYes, you can find trusted live dealer casino games depending on which site you choose to play on. The most popular live dealer casino games include blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and Super 6.

To offer live dealers, online casinos utilize video/audio technology, where bettors can interact with dealers from a dedicated live casino location. Live dealer games typically have higher buy-ins, as dealers are employed for tabletop games. Buy-ins on live casino games online range from $1 to $5,000 at Bovada, depending on the game. Live online casino players can also choose their seats at the table and the dealer.

How Do Legit Casinos Protect Their Players From Cheating Scandals?

A trusted gaming regulator must license an online casino to be considered a legitimate gambling site. Casino gaming regulators will test the game odds to ensure they are fair and that the random number generators are working correctly.

The biggest threat to online casino players is a data breach. While they only happen sometimes, since legit casinos employ encryption services like SSL and TSL, no online business is entirely immune to online attacks.

Many trusted online casinos now utilize cryptocurrency as a funding and withdrawal method to offer players a further sense of security. When using crypto to fund their online gambling accounts, account holders do not have to store banking methods online and can withdraw or send funds with their unique crypto address.