Nevada Governor Declares Mid-May Open Season For Casinos. Will Other States Follow?

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak has declared that Las Vegas casinos can reopen beginning on May 15, allowing for the country’s largest gaming district to resume operations and jump-start the state’s economy.

In spite of this declaration, the International Business Times is reporting that the Venetian and its family of hotels, which includes The Palazzo and The Venezian Towers, will remain closed until at least May 31.  They are currently accepting bookings for June 1 and afterward.

On the other side of the coin, Treasure Island has stepped up and announced that they will be taking reservations for May 15 and beyond, and plan to open their hotel and casino to visitors and gamblers in a mere 19 days.

“As of right now, [reopening on May 15] is the plan. No matter what, we are adhering to the governor’s official recommendations. We are working with vendors to procure appropriate safety and sanitation measures, which is why we moved our tentative date last week from May 1 to May 15.”

Treasure Island spokeswoman Jennifer Renzelman

Most other major Las Vegas casinos, including MGM Grand, Caesars Palace, and the Luxor, have yet to make any decision regarding an opening date for their properties. Although they are eager to unblock their revenue streams, additional monies can be lost with excessive false starts, and major casinos are hedging their bets.

That does not allow much time to prepare for the regulations and steps that companies will need to take to ensure that social distancing protocols are met and that gaming surfaces can remain free of contaminants.

Some analysts are suggesting that the reopening of casinos should be done in multiple phases. The first phase would involve the opening of the casino gaming floor. There would be regulations for distances between operational slot machines to ensure enough space between visitors.

All players taking part in any table games, including the dealer, would need to wear a protective breathing mask and possibly gloves. Phase 2 would likely allow for the opening of bars and restaurants, and the final phase would entail concert and entertainment venues.

With land-based casinos closed and their executives contemplating reopening strategies, business is up at legitimate online casinos. With a majority of the country still stuck at home in quarantine due to COVID-19, the most trusted USA online casinos have provided gamblers traditional floor games and have gotten creative when putting together betting lines at their sportsbooks.

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A seismic shift toward online gambling could be coming to the casino industry, and we are likely experiencing the test-run right now.