Mirage Casino To Give Away $1.6 Million Before Closing Doors

Vegas city logoThe Vegas strip is forever changing, but when the Mirage announced it was closing its doors after a 34-year residency, present and past patrons were shocked.

As the Mirage’s closure on July 17th, 2024, draws near, the casino is set to distribute a staggering $1.6 million in unclaimed progressive jackpots from slots and table games. This act of generosity, mandated by state and federal gambling laws, is sure to excite players as they anticipate their potential winnings.

The slot machines must pay $1.2 million before July 17th, so the casino guarantees $200k a day in winnings every Tuesday through Thursday. Then, on the weekend, that figure jumps to $250k for Frida and Saturday, followed by a $100k guarantee for Sunday the 16th. Other jackpots will also be issued on table games totaling $400k.

What Is Next For The Mirage Property?

The Mirage is greatly credited with ushering in the mega-resorts in Vegas and is still a prime piece of real estate. The property has been purchased and will be torn down soon. The location will then be transformed into a Hard Rock Casino & Hotel, projected to open in 2027.

The Vegas Hard Rock was transformed into Virgin Hotels Las Vegas in 2020 after the property was acquired in 2018. When the Hard Rock first closed its doors in Vegas, it laid off more than 3,000 employees and paid more than $80 million in severance packages.

Online Jackpot Options For US Players

While the Mirage’s jackpot giveaway is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, not everyone can make it to Vegas. However, the convenience of online gambling allows players to access similar progressive jackpots that pay hourly, daily, and weekly. Reputable online casinos now offer additional jackpot rewards via ongoing promotions, providing a reassuring alternative for those unable to visit the Mirage.

To take advantage of promotional offers, you will have to start an online account and wager on the games included in the promotional offer. While online slots are the most common game to offer additional jackpots, you can also find offers on popular table games occasionally.

Before you sign up for an online casino site, we suggest you see our legitimate casino reviews. In our guide, we detail our favorite sites and offer advice on banking, bonuses, and promotional offers for each site. You can rest assured that the sites we recommend are licensed and regulated by a trusted gaming regulator, and our team has vetted them numerous times.