HB 1536 Seeks to Legalize Indiana Domestic Online Casino Gambling 

Indiana has many things to offer its residents and visitors, from professional sporting events and numerous tourist attractions to legal online sports betting. Online casino gambling is currently legal from sites outside the state, but that could change if HB 1536 is passed into law.

What Is HB 1536

HB 1536 is Indiana’s third attempt to legalize and allow online casino gambling. If passed, HB 1536 would allow domestic casinos inside the state to offer online slots, poker, and live dealer games via the internet. The proposed laws were brought to the legislature by representative Ethan Manning. 

Several lawmakers believe HB 1536 has a better chance of success than its predecessors, as notable committee members support it. Senator John Ford told the media that Gov. Eric Holcomb wants an online lottery; if that happens, the push for online casinos could benefit. 

Live Dealer Games And Their Benefits

Live dealer games are like they sound, casino table games with a real-life dealer. These real-life dealers operate from casino locations via a video feed. Online players can use these services to play live dealer blackjack, baccarat, Super 6, or live dealer roulette. 

When betting at live dealer casinos, players can choose a seat at the table and select the table minimum for each of the games offered. Live dealer games have higher minimums than classic casino games, as more operating costs are involved. The minimum for live dealer games typically ranges from $5 to $2,000, depending on the game you choose. 

Online Casinos That Operate In Indiana

Even though no gambling laws allow online casinos to operate from within state lines, offshore online casino options are currently available to Indiana residents.

Legitimate casinos for US players typically come from offshore sites that are licensed and in compliance with trusted gambling districts from outside of the United States. The problem most states have with offshore casinos is the only way that states can get a piece of the action is to tax winnings. However, most states still need tons of revenue from not allowing domestic casino locations to offer their services online.

Advantages Of Playing Legitimate Offshore Casinos

Legitimate casinos offer several advantages to casino players. The most predominant advantage is that online casinos are accessible virtually anywhere. This is especially beneficial to players who don’t live near the casino as they don’t have to travel to play the games they want.

Another massive advantage of online casinos is the banking options accepted online versus those available at domestic locations. Online there are tons of options, including Bitcoin and other popular altcoins. Online casinos offer lucrative bonus options to new casino account holders, whereas domestic casinos only sometimes offer bonus rewards. Online casino bonuses always trump domestic bonuses but are often tied to rollover requirements locking you into a lengthy playing stay.