Avoid New Photo & Video Policy at MGM With Legitimate Online Casinos

MGM Casinos shook things up this week by implementing a new policy regarding videos and photographs for table games in their domestic casino locations. The new policy is to combat the trend of taking pics and videos of winning hands at the tables.

The new policy was first leaked on Twitter, where a snippet of the internal document states:

“The new policy is aimed at allowing our guests to take photos and videos, and, when appropriate, to share that content in real or in near real-time via social media broadcasts (“streams” or “streaming”) while limiting the risks associated with allowing photography, filming and streaming in MGM Resorts’ gaming establishments. “

In recent years the popularity of sharing winnings on social media has risen as players from all over the world now upload their reactions and payouts to their social media accounts. While MGM is about as legitimate as they come, some players might want to avoid complications by playing trusted online casinos from their homes.

Are Online Casino Games Legit?

Of course, we created a whole website to show you that the brands we recommend are as legit as the big casinos in Vegas. Our online casino reviews illustrate the best and worst features of each trusted brand we recommend, including the banking options, bonus perks, and entertainment value.

Legitimate online casinos offer players quality wagering games from anywhere they can access the internet. While it is recommended that you follow local ordinances, many sites are available worldwide. 

Will MGM Allow Streaming At Their Table Games?

According to the internal document released in May of 2023, patrons may stream their table games with prior approval; however, taking pics of other players and dealers is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught streaming or taking pics will be ousted to the management team, who will likely give you a warning before removing patrons from the casino.

Both domestic and online casinos have a strict set of rules in place to protect their players. For the most part, breaking their procedures will result in instant removal from a domestic casino and an account lock from an online casino. If your online casino account does get locked, you will have to contact customer support to see why your account was locked before you can access your funds. Usually, account locks are a safeguard to protect inactive accounts and will be restored in minutes.